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Projects / Outreach

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (Twin Cities) and Average Mohamed

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (Twin Cities of Minnesota) and Average Mohamed worked with 50 kids in Minneapolis. The goal was to get their stories. What values did they care about. What made them who they were, what was their ambition and what social message did they have to offer to the world. See The Videos And Read More

Saint Paul Police Outreach Program

Title 1

We worked with Saint Paul Police Outreach Program. Average Mohamed worked with kids from the community of Saint Paul, lower Afton Neighborhood of McKnight. We used Highwood Elementary School space. A collaboration of the Police Department, City of Saint Paul and Saint Paul School District for space. Our role was to teach Narrative, what it is, how it is, how to create it, how to story board it, how to act it out, record it with Video, edit it and create a video message. A process for six months of weekly lessons. See The Videos And Read More