I'm averagemohamed
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  • Minneapolis, MN, 55430


Training NGO, Clergy, Activist, Government Officials, Women Leaders, and Influencers

The challenges faced by our communities in America in the Midwest among our youth is not unique to us alone. There is a great demand for our Average Mohamed Program, Model and methodology across the world.


We engaged over 1,000 entities to whom we showcased our model, program and methodology. Training important facets of society globally. Name a country or region and we will furnish you with a list of people we trained some who ask constantly we bring our process to their countries.


This is the reason why Average Mohamed got awarded not once but twice Citizen Diplomat by Global Ties US and our Venerable State Department.


We are looking for opportunities to collaborate across the world in executing our mission values and works.

Happiness Doesn't result from what we get, but from What we give