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Average Mohamed launched over 8 years ago. We had started work when ISIS a Terrorist group started recruiting in our beloved State Minnesota getting the highest number of recruits into joining them in the entire American States. We at Average Mohamed went to work. ISIS the terrorist group like AL Qaeda and Al Shabab before it actively recruited using messaging and social media targeting our Muslim and Non-Muslim communities. It was their ideas potent that they tailored made for our kids that got them indoctrinated. It starts with their video is cool to their ideas are revolutionary to God commands me to act with them by the time they are done.

Our methodology is our Mantra that “It takes an idea to defeat an idea”. We create the ideas; we disseminate the ideas on social media making them go viral. Average Mohamed engages in face-to-faceconversations with our kids in schools, Mosques, Madrassa (Islamic schooling), Churches, Synagogues, Libraries, universities, civic arena and even parks. We work with educators, imams, pastors, rabis, coaches, professors, city leaders, corporations just about anybody willing to give us access to evolve minds on extremism.

Due to enormous success of our program, model and concepts in real life. We at Average Mohamed teach NGO, Women Leaders, Activists, Clergy, Government officials, agencies and even media the how to engage our communities globally on behalf of our shared collective values. Reason for National and International Awards in Citizen Diplomacy.

Average Mohamed expanded due to high demand concepts from just Violent Jihadist Terrorism counter ideology. To include White Supremacy, Far Right ideology and Far Left Ideology. All trace their roots to hate of others, hate based on Antisemitism, Racism, Islamophobia, Anti LGBTQi and Anti Christianity.Hate that denies the rights, liberties and freedoms of others. Denying our diversity, plurality, democracy and even humanity.

Average Mohamed methodology is countering these ideas of harm with ideas for Peace, harmony and coexistence or acceptance of each other’s humanity in Peoples Power: DEMOCRACY. In essence PEACE.

Happiness Doesn't result from what we get, but from What we give