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Focus On Educational Outreach

Education is pivotal in the pursuit of development and social transformation. Our world deserves space for humanities teachings of tolerance and peace delivered in a unique way to help our kids adapt to living in the modern world.


Average Mohamed embraces a true tried and tested way of outreach into schools, Mosques, Madrassa and Libraries to educating kids by making vibrant contributions to development of kids in community action and social means.


We strive to create a comprehensive approach to provide educational knowledge for better opportunities, attitudes, outlooks in gaining skill sets that help our youths navigate society better. The unsaid good of society works. Building the Citizen of Tomorrow.


Helps boost confidence
Protects kids from being coerced into becoming violent
Promotes social cohesion, nation building and respect for rights in non-violence
Prevents societal alienation and creates sense of belonging
Improves health and wellbeing of the kids, adults and community in understanding
Brings equal opportunity in doing good for the betterment of society
Fights hate of others in exchange for tolerance, respect, dignity and peace as values

Average Mohamed’s Dedication to Education

Average Mohamed makes education a priority among its long term and development-based efforts. Projects aimed at both adults and children is being constantly created to engage minds in ideas. From social media using popular culture engine tools to classrooms. We train others in mentor capacity to be able to replicate our process be they NGO, Women Leaders, Activists, Government Officials and even Clergy. Our Educational Program entails the project embarked on to creating Educational Materials to be used in classrooms across the world from schools, Mosques, Madrassa, churches, Synagogues to any environment where kids are present.

Happiness Doesn't result from what we get, but from What we give