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Our Anti-Hate Youth Engagement Program

It’s easy to look around in the world today and see the corrosive, pernicious effects of hate and hateful ideologies, particularly when those with these hateful ideologies attempt to recruit and deceive our youth.


If you know a young person or group of young people you wish to protect from the various hateful ideologies that circulate in the world, or you want to combat the hate rising all around us, let us speak to the youth in your life. Or you can donate to an anti-hate youth engagement program — our program.


Average Mohamed was founded when we discovered that ISIL (the Islamic State terrorist group) was trying to recruit youth in our home state. We are a counter-ideology organization, dedicated to countering extremism and hate from all sources and to giving youth the education and skills they need to resist recruitment by hate-based organizations.


Our Anti-Hate Youth Engagement Work


We primarily aim to educate youth ages 8-25 in our anti-hate youth engagement program. We work with kids of all faiths and walks of life, interacting with them in schools, faith centers, civic arenas, and public parks. We take every avenue available to combat extremist thought before it takes root in young minds, opening their eyes to the lies and dangers of the groups that espouse it.


Donating to Our Anti-Hate Youth Engagement Program


It takes an idea to defeat an idea, and donations from like-minded citizens keep that idea and our ability to spread anti-hate ideals alive. When you donate what you can to Average Mohamed, you’re supporting the children who will be tomorrow’s citizens to make informed choices unfazed by the rhetoric of hate groups.


Not only are you helping to create a future where hate groups have no foothold, but you’re also doing something kind for your finances. Average Mohamed is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, which means your donation is tax-deductible.


So donate or engage us to speak with the youth you care about today!

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